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It’s true that archiving your email will keep your business compliant with state and federal regulations but more importantly, it can make your life easier. In a true archive, messages can be retrieved within seconds, saving you hours of time and energy digging through logs. It can also alleviate the burden of managing email storage growth.

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We have been using IMail for 20 years – since version 1.0. Why? IMail is reliable. It just works. With any email system, reliability is the number one priority. IMail is a very flexible and powerful mail platform for large and small organizations. Administration is quick and easy.
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- Jeff Frantz
Direct of Information Technology Services,
ITS Technologies

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MailArchiva Enterprise Edition easily integrates with your IMail Server and requires very little administrative effort. With a flexible licensing structure, you can choose to archive for a sub-set of your organization or for everyone.


  • Allows messages to be searchable for e-discovery
  • Messages can be retrieved quickly at any time
  • Maximizes storage space by compressing messages that are archived
  • Enables your organization to comply with US and EU legislation such as SOX and HIPAA
  • Emails are stored directly on the file system, as opposed to a database
  • Supports many popular file formats, including Word, Powerpoint, PDF and ZIP attachments
  • Ability to use a web browser to access archived emails

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