The new release of IMail Server v11.5 on March 30, 2011 adds significant features and functionality to our existing product matrix. In this release you will find the following major features:

  • New Offering: IMail Anti-Virus powered by Commtouch
  • New Offering: External Address Verification (Unlimited licenses only)
  • New Realtime Whitelists
  • New Mailbox Size Report available in Web Administration
  • New Performance Counters
  • New Account Harvesting Prevention on POP3 and IMAP
  • New Web Client Password Strength Validation
  • Updated Daily Report Email
  • Updated SSL Configuration Utility
  • Updated Ipswitch Instant Messenger Client
  • Updated Commtouch Anti-spam Engine (Premium customers only)
  • IMail Anti-Virus Powered by Commtouch. Anti-virus protection that leverages a multi-layered platform including heuristics, emulation, and signatures to provide maximum protection for your network. IMail Anti-virus powered by Commtouch® fully integrates with your IMail Server and can even run alongside your existing IMail anti-virus to provide your business an extra layer of protection. This new offering can be evaluated for free after you upgrade to IMail Server v11.5.

External Address Verification. IMail customers with an Unlimited User License now have the option to add External Address Verification (EAV), allowing IMail to be used as a gateway for an internal server. With the addition of EAV, mail recipients can be verified via LDAP or Active Directory as valid users on the internal server before the message is accepted.

New Realtime Whitelists. Realtime whitelists are databases that store IP address and domain names of trusted sources. Messages that are matched to a Realtime Whitelist will be considered as trusted and will bypass further validation checks as set by the system administrator. For more information on Realtime Whitelists visit

New Mailbox Size Report. This new reporting feature allows administrators to view the total mailbox size of each user on a domain.

New Performance Counters. IMail now has new IMail Performance Objects used by “Perfmon” to report daily spam and viruses caught as well as open SMTP sessions.

New Account Harvesting Prevention on POP3 and IMAP. This tool allows administrators to prevent malicious attempts by a client from continually trying to log in and gain access to usernames and passwords.

New Web Client Password Strength Validation. This new validity check on the web client now enforces the password strength requirements set by the administrator. Users who do not meet the password strength requirements will be prompted to change their password upon login.

Updated Daily Report Email: The daily report email now includes information on licensing and spam and viruses tagged by Commtouch’s Anti-spam and Anti-virus offerings.

Updated SSL Configuration Utility. The private key size for a SSL Certificate is now configurable, allowing the administrator to assign the default certificate a higher security level.

Updated Ipswitch Instant Messenger Client. Fixes and enhancements are as follows:

  • Warning added when a new conversation is initiated with multiple recipients
  • Capability to start new conversations with the same recipient in multiple conversation windows
  • Conversation bar now displays a count of all recipients
  • Fixed crash when attempting to attach/save a file to an IIM conversation in Windows 7

Updated Commtouch Anti-Spam Engine (Premium customers only). The new Commtouch Anti-spam engine introduces advanced detection logic and boasts improved performance.

For a descriptive list of new features and improvements for IMail Server v11.5 please read the full release notes.


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