Our primary goal is make software that truly meets our customer's needs. Therefore, one of our primary objectives is to connect with our customers to find out what they actually think about our product. To help us meet that objective we regularly send customer surveys, make and receive phone calls to customers, read our forums, and even conduct site visits.

Earlier today we rolled out a pilot program that is integrated with our website. This new program will allow you to send us and vote on feature requests for IMail Server.

For the next couple of weeks we will be running an evaluation of a program called User Voice. You should notice a vertical green bar that appears on various pages of our website. If you have ideas about IMail Server, feature requests, things you would like to see implemented…then that green bar is there for you. Click it, complete the simple form (or choose an available topic) and know that your comments and suggestions will be reviewed by our entire management team. The fact remains…we want to hear from you. So, click the green bar now and give us your suggestions!


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