After you configured your domain password complexity rules, as discussed in Part 1 you will then want to audit your domain(s) to determine which users do not meet the requirements you've put in place using the new Password Strength Checker available in the IMail Admin Utilities Pack.

PSC Results

The Password Strength Checker will scan each password for the users on the system and then return a "Pass" or "Fail" result to let you know whether or not the particular user meets the requirements you've put in place. You can select whether to run the utility for all domains on the IMail Server or just for a specified domain. The report results can then be saved as a .txt or .csv file.

v11.5 Web Mail - Change Password Dialog

Note: Once you've configured your password complexity rules, web mail users who do not meet the requirements will be automatically redirected to a page that requires them to change their password before continuing.


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