In the life of an administrator, especially for those managing a large number of users, we struggle with user managment. Users are added and removed frequently and depending on the size of your organization the list of accounts adds up overtime. This often results in in a large number of users who are part of the system but their accounts are never used. As an admin we do our best to make sure that these accounts have been removed or disabled, but sometimes a few do get overlooked. To help with this problem we've released a new utility that allows you to view the last time users logged in to their IMail Server account.

Last Login Reporter UI

The Last Login Reporter allows you to display a list of users who have not logged in during a specified period of time. You can view a list for all users on the server or filter by a particular domain. You can exclude system, domain, and list administrators from the results as well. Once the results have been returned you can then save the results or delete the accounts from within the utility.

To download the Last Login Reporter, along with many other utilities, jump over to the IMail Admin Utilities Pack.


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