Ipswitch is committed to bringing you tools and utilities that help to make email management easier. On June 15, 2011 we released the following four new administrator utilities:

  1. Last Login Report – Allows an Administrator to run a report showing the last time a user logged in to IMAP, POP3, or Web Mail.
  2. Collaboration Database Converter – Tool that assists an administrator in converting the collaboration database from Access to MS SQL.
  3. Password Strength Checker – Allows an administrator to display a list of users for the server or by domain and returns whether or not the user listed meets the specified password strength requirements configured by the administrator.
  4. Mailbox Reporter – Tool that allows an administrator to run a report listing the amount of space being used at each domain, user, and mailbox.

To download these new administrator utilities for free, simply jump over to the Utilities Page.


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