According to a recent report from Commtouch, spammers have shifted their focus to compromised user accounts for sending spam. Commtouch attributes this change in tactics to the increased effectiveness of IP-based Anti-spam solutions. Check out the following Commtouch blog for more information on the topic:

This change in spammer focus has several potential impacts for IMail customers:

  • Mail servers will be seeing spam from places that might have previously been considered a trustworthy source. Thankfully, the Commtouch Anti-spam solution is there to handle these new threats so the overall impact for Commtouch protected servers should be quite low. 
  • The change in spammer focus means that any publicly facing mail server is at greater risk for account compromisation. There are a number of things that a mail server administrator can do to help ensure IMail is immune to these kinds of attacks. Check out the following KB article for more information on this topic:



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