The new release of IMail Server v12 on January 31, 2012 boasts significant improvements to the IMail Server web client which include, but is not limited to the following:

  • All new tabbed user interface for enhanced usability
  • Capability to Import/Export user contact information
  • Notes and Tasks are now available with the Web Client to be included with Calendar, Contacts and E-mail for synchronization with Outlook
  • Meeting Requests are now available allowing the ability to create and accept using the new Web Client for synchronization with Outlook when IMail Collaboration is in place
  • RSS Feed now available for user's subscriptions
  • Web Sites configurable by the IMail Administrators allowing easy online access for common web links
  • New Report Spam feature (Premium Only)
  • Sound and blinking tab notifications when new mail arrives (capability to customize on a per user level)
  • Greatly enhanced iclient.config file allows IMail Administrators greater capability to customize the web client to their user's needs
  • Away message indicator above the navigator folders to remind user's when enabled
  • Tool tips show mail folders that have Auto responders enabled
  • Expanded Contact Information (multiple addresses, websites, personal information, business information)
  • Addresses contain link to google maps or the map engine specified by the user
  • Customizable user option to set a default address book, and a default contact sort
  • Users can now create multiple personal contact folders
  • Photos are now supported and can now be added for contacts
  • Customizable user option to set a default calendar
  • Customizable user options to specify and display the beginning time and end time for the work day
  • Customizable user option to set the default calendar display by day, week or month
  • Users can now create multiple personal calendar folders
  • Calendar display format is set to the 12 hour (am/pm) time
  • Web Client user access is now being written to the API Logs
  • Lite Web Client to support mobile devices for Email, Contacts, Calendaring, Tasks and Notes
  • Easier branding for customizing and displaying company logos, colors, and text (View the all new branding whitepaper here.)
  • Easier method to create custom language files for the new web client
  • New Web Client Themes with the ability for customers to create their own themes
  • Capability to disable the Web Client Forwarding of user's email
  • New user option to warn a user when sending a message without an attachment, when body of the letter uses the word attachment
  • New user option to warn a user when sending a message without a subject
  • Ability to have initial login open a specified folder (e.g. email folder, calendars, tasks, etc...)
  • And much more...

For a complete list of new features and improvements for IMail Server v12 please read the full release notes online: IMail Server v12 Release Notes.


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