IMail Server v12.1 is now available!

Ipswitch Messaging Division is pleased to announce the release of IMail Server v12.1. This release introduces HAMR, an innovative approach to properly handling compromised user accounts, as well as several minor bug fixes. This exciting new feature was implemented due to customer feedback.

What is HAMR?

HAMR is an acronym for "Hacked Account Mail Regulator". The number one topic of discussion in our ongoing conversations with customers was compromised user accounts. A hacker takes control of a user's account and turns it into a bot delivering massive amounts of spam, viruses and other forms of malware. This impacts overall server performance and has led to domains being blacklisted. It is a real pain-point for email administrators.

IMail Server v12.1 now has the capability to set limitations for a user’s outbound messages by disabling or throttling a user’s messages once a maximum count within a certain time interval has been met. In such a case, your IMail Server will then automatically notify a designated system administrator by email.

For your convenience, HAMR can be configured and customized system wide, at the domain level or individually by user.

In short, HAMR provides administrators complete control over their end-users' accounts should they become compromised.

In addition to HAMR, IMail Server v12.1 provides a series of other improvements. For a complete list of additional changes, please view the IMail Server v12.1 release notes.

Are you ready to drop the HAMR on hackers?

Then the next step for you is to simply download your copy of IMail Server v12.1 by visiting and then click on the Downloads tab. Or, feel free to contact one of our very helpful account managers at 706-312-3540 and they can assist you with any questions you may have.

We thank our community of users for their feedback and look forward to more great discussions in the future!

Brad Senter
Marketing Manager
Ipswitch Messaging Division

To join the conversation with the IMail Server team, please to visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and UserVoice.

***PLEASE NOTE: Notifications are being delivered over the next week. If you have not received your notification, please visit to access IMail Server v12.1.


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