Ipswitch Messaging Division is pleased to announce the release of IMail Server v12.2. This release adds significant features and functionality to our existing product matrix. In this release you will find the following major features:

  • Read Request Notifications using the IMail Web Client
  • SMTP Account Harvesting Prevention
  • IMAP IDLE Support
  • User Password Expiration Settings
  • MX Record with IP Address delivery capability
  • Synchronizing Public Folders and Shared Folders for Contacts and Calendars using ActiveSync™
  • New Utility – User Expunger – Deleting User Accounts by Last Login Date

In addition to these new features, IMail Server v12.2 provides a series of other improvements. For a complete list of changes, please view the IMail Server v12.2 release notes.

Are you eligible for an upgrade?

To determine if you are eligible to upgrade to IMail Server v12.2 visit myIpswitch.com and then click on the Downloads tab. Or, simply contact one of our very helpful account managers at 706-312-3540 and they can assist you with any questions you may have.

Brad Senter
Marketing Manager
Ipswitch Messaging Division

To join the conversation with the IMail Server team, please to visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and UserVoice.

***PLEASE NOTE: Notifications are being delivered over the next week. If you have not received your notification, please visit myIpswitch.com to access IMail Server v12.2.


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