Commtouch, our email securities partner, brings you the "Internet Threats Trend Report, October 2012". This report is a FREE download (PDF format) and provides insight into the following areas:

  • Android Malware - compromised email accounts target mobile OS 
  • Grum Botnet Taken Down - spam levels unaffected
  • Olympic Games - scammers exploit once-in-four-year opportunity
  • The Same Malware Gang Again - this time abusing Wells Fargo
  • Zombie Hotspots - Germany moves up to 6th place

Other Q3 2012 Highlights:

  • 87 Billion: Average daily spam/phishing emails sent
  • 304,000 Zombies: Daily Turnover
  • 1.9 Billion: Average daily emails sent with attached malware
  • Pharmacy Ads: Most popular spam topic (31.3% of all spam)
  • India: Country with the most zombies (20%)
  • Education: Website category most likely to contain malware

Report Overview

The third quarter of 2012 provided further proof of the growing menace of Android malware with attacks that exclusively targeted the Google OS. The convincingly named “update” app requires user installation but provided its distributors with a platform for a mobile Android botnet or a vehicle for theft of corporate data.

July provided yet another botnet takedown – this time the Grum spam botnet. Although spam and zombie levels appeared to drop, the effect proved to be temporary. Spammers rallied quickly to recruit new zombies and resume spam-sending operations within a matter of days.

This quarter’s Trend Report also covers Olympic Games scams, careless spammers, and the “calling card” that one malware gang keeps using.

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