The new release of IMail Server v12.2 SP1 on December 12, 2012 is now available. IMail Server v12.2 SP1 includes the following enhancements:

  • Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) support
  • Windows 2012 support
  • Corrected a contention issue when multiple mail clients were in use, mailbox deletion would occasionally occur when mailbox compression was in progress.
  • Corrected issue of mailboxes randomly growing to a very large size due to contention issues when multiple mail clients were being used.
  • Corrected mailbox access issue when a mailbox was locked and invalid error code was returned causing mailbox files to continually be rewritten.
  • New "iclient.config" setting to allow IMail Administrators capability to override the user's initial login page, and login straight to the "Inbox" when first logging into the Web Client. The configuration is disabled by default, with the following key name: key="EnableInboxDisplayUponLogin"
  • "iclient.config" modification for key="TabLimit" when set to a value="1", will no longer require closing a tab before opening a new tab. The last tab will automatically close the previous tab when a new tab is opened.
  • Spell Checker dictionaries will now correctly use the appropriate dictionary depending on the language selected for login. When logged in with a foreign language other than English (United States), and composing a new message, a new drop down will allow spell checker to switch to the English dictionary.
  • Corrected issue with iOS devices using ActiveSync® and not being able to download messages with a content-type of "message\partial".
  • Mailbox Splitter Utility has been added the latest Utilities release, to give IMail Administrators a mechanism of breaking down a mailbox that is overly large. Utility allows the Administrator to control the size and number of files to generate.

For a complete list of changes please read the full release notes for IMail Server v12.2 SP1.

To download your free copy of IMail Server v12.2 SP1, simply log into your myIpswitch account or visit our patches and upgrades page.


Brad Senter
Marketing Manager
Ipswitch – Messaging Division


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