IMail Server v12.5.3 is now available which includes many highly requested features and bug fixes.

This version includes the following enhancements:

  • OpenSSL - OpenSSL has been updated to 1.0.1o which resolves a number of issues.

  • Resource Scheduling - Resource Accounts were created to simplify the process of scheduling various company resources such as meeting rooms, rental cars, office hardware, etc... Once created, you can add a Resource Account to meeting requests or appointments and the system will check to ensure that the resource is available (and/or reserved) for that time slot.

Resource Scheduling - Admin Guide (PDF)

Resource Scheduling - Client Guide (PDF)

  • IMail Client Apps Remote Deploy - The IMail Client Apps Remote Deploy Utility allows administrators to remotely install and update the WorkgroupShare Client and IIM Client.


  • Managed Public Contacts - Administrators can now choose which users have contacts created for them by Managed Public Contacts by disabling the Allow Info Services option on those users.


Defect Fixes for v12.5.3

Web Client

  • Attachments with incorrect Content-Type Header were not shown.
  • Mailboxes with corrupt data in the UID file cause CPU and Memory usage to spike.


  • Rare crash can occur when updating session information.
  • Service may crash if a message copy command fails.


  • STARTTLS Command may fail after upgrading to 12.5.2.
  • Service may stop accepting connections when under brute force password guessing attack.
  • Messages with SWF file may cause Cyren AV engine to fail which causes the SMTP session to be terminated when scanning the message for Viruses.


  • Appointments created on devices may appear wrong when Sync'd to Outlook via the WorkgroupShare Plugin.
  • Messages written to the Sent folder contain a malformed message date that can cause the Received date of the message to appear wrong in the Web Client on non-english locale Operating Systems.


  • Log Analyzer shows incorrect number of connections.

For a complete list of changes please read the full release notes for IMail Server v12.5.3 at

To download your free copy of IMail Server v12.5.3, simply log into your myIpswitch account or visit our patches and upgrades page.


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