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Spammers now focusing on compromised accounts

According to a recent report from Commtouch, spammers have shifted their focus to compromised user accounts for sending spam. Commtouch attributes this change in tactics to the increased...



When was the last time a user logged in?

In the life of an administrator, especially for those managing a large number of users, we struggle with user managment. Users are added and removed frequently and depending on the size of your...



Password Managment, Part 2 – Password Audit

After you configured your domain password complexity rules, as discussed in Part 1 you will then want to audit your domain(s) to determine which users do not meet the requirements you've put in...



Password Managment, Part 1 - Password Complexity

One of the most common reasons for a mail server to be hijacked is due to weak passwords on user accounts.  Unfortunately some users like to make their passwords very easy and simple to remember and...