Built-In Archiving

IMail Server includes a basic email organization and archiving solution that can be enabled or disabled on multiple levels including users, lists or aliases. This basic archiving is not searchable for eDiscovery and does not provide an off-site backup. For advanced email archiving, we offer Ipswitch Secure Archive as an optional feature that can be added to your IMail Server.


Ipswitch Secure Archive

In a true archive, messages can be retrieved within seconds, saving you hours of time and energy digging through logs. It can also alleviate the burden of managing email storage growth. Ipswitch Secure Archive easily integrates with your IMail Server and requires very little administrative effort. With a flexible licensing structure, you can choose to archive for a sub-set of your organization or for everyone.


  • Allows messages to be searchable for e-discovery
  • Messages can be retrieved quickly at any time
  • Enables your organization to comply with US and EU legislation such as SOX and HIPAA
  • Supports many popular file formats, including Word, Powerpoint, PDF and ZIP attachments
  • A clean, intuitive UI that’s approachable even for non-technical users