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IMail Secure Server removes the sometimes unnecessary features of collaboration and instant messaging so that it can focus solely on performing secure email server functions. IMail Secure Mail Server is built with industry leading anti-spam and anti-virus technologies.

IMail Secure Server provides the following advanced security protection:

  • Integrated CYREN Anti-Spam
  • Integrated CYREN Anti-Virus
  • Integrated CYREN Virus Outbreak Detection
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“IMail is an incredibly stable product. Along with its stability is an incredibly professional and educated support team always willing to go the extra mile. I have always been completely satisfied whenever I need to reach out to this team and have never not seen resolution in anything I have needed to reach out to them for. Where most application support leaves you waiting, Ipswitch leaves you answered and always up and running.”
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- David C. Miller
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A mail gateway is a server that is set up in front of your organization’s primary mail server, and serves as a buffer for the internal mail server against the hazards of the internet.

Using IMail Secure Server can serve numerous possible purposes:

  • To process and filter all incoming mail before it is passed on to the internal mail server that delivers the messages. This can include spam and virus filtering, along with other types of filtering as discussed further below.
  • To reduce the amount of traffic to your primary mail server.
  • To enhance security on your network. An e-mail gateway provides a barrier between your internal network and the internet. Set up correctly, a gateway minimizes the access to your internal network should it ever become compromised.

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