IMail Server Premium is equipped with the industry’s leading anti-spam technology from CYREN. IMail Server Premium utilizes a multi-layered approach to attack spam in real time, detecting and blocking over 98% of spam, phishing, and malware while maintaining the industry’s lowest false positive level.


Layer 1: CYREN’s GlobalView Cloud Service

  • Offers edge detection based on real-time IP reputation
  • Rejects spam during the SMTP transaction, before data is sent saving bandwidth and infrastructure costs
  • Provides local caching of results for increased efficiency

Layer 2: CYREN’s Recurrent Pattern Detection™ (RPD™) Technology

  • Analyzes large volumes of Internet traffic in real time rather than evaluating each individual message
  • Content-agnostic threat protection
  • Multi-language threat detection
  • Multi-format threat detection
  • High performance(~200 msgs/sec)
  • Persistent cache for fast operation after restart
  • Ability to reject messages before the message is accepted for delivery

With the unbeatable combination of CYREN’s near-perfect spam detection, low false positives and easy integration, IMail Server Premium achieves the industry’s best spam detection and accuracy.