IMail Admin Utilities Pack

The FREE IMail Admin Utilities Pack is designed to make IMail Server administration as easy as possible. This pack contains utilities such as Mailbox Splitter, Mailbox Reporter, Spam Cleaner, IMAP Copier, and more. For a full list of Utilities, please check out the Read Me file.

IMail Utilities Pack Read Me (PDF) - Summary of all included utilities and software requirements.

IMail Utilities Pack Installer - Download the latest version of the Utility Pack installer.

You can find older utilities on our Knowledgebase.

IMail Server API

The IMail Server API is a compilation of API examples that demonstrate how to create and manage domains, users, and user preferences. This API download is for demonstration purposes. Developers should use the binaries located in the IMail Install directory for the version of IMail they are developing against when creating their application.

IMail API Installer - Download the IMail API Installer.

IMail API Documentation - An API reference for developers.

Note: The IMail Server API requires IMail Server v11.02 or later. Please note that the API is not supported by our Technical Support team.Visit the API forum to discuss and share your applications or to ask questions.